Video Design Price

Video Design Packages and Prices

Including an engaging video on your website helps bring new customers your way. That’s where I fit in.

The level of complexity of the video is what determines what I charge.
I can serve by either putting together videos you already have, and/or do the videoing myself.

Here are a few parts of each project that are considered.

  • If the videoing is done by Unforgettable or someone else
  • Time involved if I am the videographer
  • The total raw footage duration
  • The final length of the project
  • Motion graphic work involved
  • The amount of text overlays
  • Color grading/editing
  • When the project is to be complete.

Two Packages ~ Videography and Video Design

1-Videography – I do the videoing, bringing supplies needed.
-Up to 3 hours – $300
-Up to 6 hours – $500

2-Video Design – Videos/photos I or someone else have taken are professionally put together.
Depending on the length and detail, average price is $250.

Using package #1, #2, or both, I will help you get discovered.
So, what are you waiting for?
Let’s get started!

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