What motivated Marianne to pursue a career in videography?


Her journey into the world of videography, photography, and video design was born out of a genuine passion. Marianne’s early fascination with cameras as the youngest of seven siblings sparked her interest in the visual arts. This curiosity led her to enroll in a two-year course in Visual Communications during high school.

Throughout the years, Marianne’s dedication to her craft remained unwavering, evident in her joy of family photo albums and video records. As her own family gradually gained independence, she embarked on formal video design courses to follow her heart’s calling.

With unwavering dedication and trust in God’s guidance, Marianne initiated her first business venture, “Memories In Motion,” specializing in slide-show design. In 2008, she joined Total Broadcasting Service, where her expertise in videography, photography, and video design continued to flourish. Over time, her skills and capabilities in all these areas evolved, forming her current business.

Marianne’s journey has revealed a profound truth – the many years that have guided to where she is now are unforgettable.

~ A Few Facts ~

~ She wasn’t given a middle name, thus glad to make my own.
As of late, Marianne Hot-Tub Petersen
~ She’s living proof Grandmas love spoiling their grandkids.
~ Sunny days she is on our hammock reading or playing Spider Solitaire on her phone.
~ She learned that publishing her own book is a story in itself.
God and My Pillow – a memoir.
(on Amazon)
~ Happily married almost 35 years, proving Love at First Sight is true.
~ She. Loves. Coffee. (With creamer, that is.)


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