Find out what got Marianne Petersen to become
a birthing videographer.

When I realized I can combine my videography, photography, and video design talents to create a birth video, my heart jumped. Instantly I began wanting to help others capture the tender intimate moments of labor and delivery. Why? Because of the many unforgettable memories of my own four children, helping deliver my five grandchildren, and witnessing my best friend’s first born. But there’s another reason; having the desire to help others hold onto that unforgettable life-changing event.


I, the youngest of seven, was the one often found holding the camera. That lead me taking a two-year course of Visual Communications in high school.  Year after year, my husband and four kids saw me diligently keep up with our photo albums and videos. Once our kids didn’t need quite as much attention, I began taking video design courses. Soon after giving it my all, my first video design business began: 
Memories In Motion. 
A few years later, in 2008, I began working for Total Broadcasting Service,
where my video designing for the Internet began.

These are just a few things that lead me to begin Unforgettable.

Time now I share a few facts about me.

Me with Grandkids
I love being Gramma

~ I wasn’t given a middle name, thus glad to make my own.
As of late, Marianne Hot-Tub Petersen
~ I’m living proof Grandmas love spoiling their grandkids.
~ On sunny afternoons I’m on our hammock reading, and/or, playing Spider Solitaire.
~ I learned that publishing my own book is a story in itself. God and My Pillow – a memoir. (on Amazon)
~ Happily married almost 35 years, proving Love at First Sight is true.
~ I. Love. Coffee.


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